Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gary Lee Price - The Student


One of my fundamental philosophies about life is what this sculpture is all about. “When we quit learning, we quit living.” The ability to remember and apply this principle throughout ones life, I believe, is a major key to happiness. Changing and growing represent upward movement and we all possess that power. The ability to listen and draw upon the many sources of inspiration that constantly surround us determines our growth. The individual that succumbs to close-mindedness and short-sidedness closes the door to vision itself, and with vision or the ability to see beyond, we can overcome anything.
Although well along in years, this person who could easily be our mentor, prefers to be the student.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dan Hildreth

 My daughters have been such an inspiration to me. With "Stepping Stones"  I filled her pockets with flowers because they remind me of the delicate nature I see in my girls. We give no real value to an indestructible plastic flower. It is a flowers fleeting beauty that we cherish, its fragrance must be enjoyed now, because tomorrow it may be gone.